From Vision to Forge: Why We Changed Our Name

Posted by Paul Munro  |  19 Nov 2015

After launching Vision Creative over 7 years ago in 2008, we knew it was time to change.

We’re all Grown Up

With a growing team, a growing geographical reach and a growing range of expertise, we felt our image needed to reflect the maturing of our business.

We re-discovered who we are as agency, and are now guided by these core values:

KEEP IT REAL: We are real people focused on working with real people – our entire creative process is built around a continuing conversation.

WORK WITH PASSION: Everything we do is built on a foundation of passion for our work and the end-result we achieve for our clients.

THINK BIGGER: Our view is the big picture, but we’re constantly pushing ourselves to stretch it further.

DELIVER WITH INTEGRITY: We pride ourselves on being honest, open and sincere. We’ll fail with integrity before we succeed with regret.

ENJOY THE RIDE: We’re here for the long haul, so loving what we do is crucial. We’re an inspired team excited by good design.

Black & White

After adopting bright orange as the main colour in our brand identity for Vision, we felt quite strongly about the need for change when transitioning to our new name. We knew that we didn’t want to take ownership of any one colour, and so decided on black and white. The mean reason for this? We wanted the colour in our identity to come from the work we produce for our clients. We like to think of ourselves as the engine room of your brand – working to ensure it is strong, consistent and on-point. We believe the bright lights and attention should be on the outcomes of the projects we work on with clients, not our own identity.

Why Forge?

Just as a blacksmith would forge tools, weapons and armoury strong, unique and often beautiful in detail and precision, we pride ourselves on shaping brands that clients can take to the world. It just so happens to also lend itself to the idea of forging ahead – a principle we firmly believe in in our agency.

Whilst it’s sad to see the Vision name go, we are so excited about the foundation we are laying for the future of this business, and look forward to continued work with our existing clients and a whole bunch of new ones.

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